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Weird Weekend

These past few days have been interesting. My phone’s screen just quit working. It blinks and makes noise but that’s about it. Before I took it to the store hubby did a complete wipe and restart. Sadly, I did not have pictures nor phone numbers backed up. 😢 I have some of the pictures loaded to different social media sites, so at least I didn’t lose everything. It’s also not the first time that pictures have been lost. We still have 2 computers that need the hard drive pulled so that we can take pictures off of them. I’m sure it will be another 3-4 years before we get to it.  So is life.

Besides being  off of my phone all weekend, hubby and I went out to see Dr. Strange in IMAX 3D with some of the people he games with.  Let me say, the movie was amazing! Loved it! I may have a thing for sacred geometry and also mandalas. So you can imagine how excited I was. ♥

To complete the weekend, we were lucky enough to see the big bright super moon on our way home tonight with the kids. It is beautiful. 🌑 😉

It's a marvelous night for a Moondance! ༺♡༻: