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Goodbye, October…Hello, November

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Today is apparently my 3rd year blogging anniversary under this account. It’s shocking that  I only have one other post to show for it but that’s what is to be expected when you choose to make a fresh start. I’m sure that parts of my old posts will find their way into this blog somehow as those things about me haven’t really changed, I just preferred to let them go… off into the deep dark(?) internet abyss and start over, if you will. 🎈

Goodbye, October…

There was quite a bit of fun with crafts, hiking, and most things pumpkin with the kids this year. They had a blast and I tried harder to get in more pictures than I usually do. It tends to be hard to deal with all 3 kids while working the camera on my phone in the middle of whatever we are doing. But I managed to get a few pictures that turned out well. I’m hoping to actually upgrade to a new camera within the next year, as the old family one was handed down to my daughter & oldest son to use. They had fun taking turns taking pictures when the battery was charged.   😊

Our normal Halloween countdown was used but instead of me putting in ideas each day each child choose what they wanted to do for that day instead of everyone doing the same thing. We also went to a different pumpkin patch this year. Kids had fun & pumpkins were cheaper with free things for the kids to do there as well. It was the first year of just the kids & I and surprisingly enough, it worked out.  I even managed to get some pictures. Good gods, there seemed to be quite a few firsts the past month. (O.O)

So with Trick-or-Treating, Trauma & Fall leading into Winter, I’m hoping to continue to push past the usual. Continue to find, create and capture those moments with family & friends. But most of all, to keep growing, learning & digging deeper roots.


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What’s in a name?

Names…we all have them. Names that were picked for us. Names we have given to ourselves. Names and naming things gives us/them meaning/life. I go by a few different names. I am mom to three beautiful kids, wife to one loving husband, daughter, sister, friend. I have another blog dedicated to books and go by a completely different name there. I had one dedicated to nothing but kink but it was time to retire it for something new. I’m still very much kinky & poly but my old blog, like a good book, must come to an end. It is time for me to take flight in a new direction.

Change affects everyone differently. For me, I have found that by giving myself permission to fully embrace change in my life allows me to be much happier. That, dear reader, is where this blog begins. A new blog to help me embrace changes as they come, fondly remember the past, and try my best to live fully in the present moment as it is, not as I wish it to be.

Hello, my dear readers. I am sparrow. If you were to look up information about sparrows and their symbolism you would begin to understand why I chose such as my name. But all of that is a story for another night. Promise…